Steam and Extractions

Steam and Extractions


A deep-cleaning steam treatment that removes impurities trapped deep within the skin.


A perfect treatment for those on the “go”, a quick clean and steam treatment that removes impurities trapped deep within the skin.A specialized skin steamer is used to deliver warm steam to the skin, which allows the pores to open. After the face has been steamed the skin becomes prepped for the proper removal of dirt, bacteria and other impurities trapped within the pores.

30 minute treatment.


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RI Dermatology and Cosmetic center is committed to providing advanced aesthetic enhancements and Anti-Aging Medical treatments through MD developed, and supervised services.

Our Staff is highly skilled and trained to perform with the most modern technology. Reduce wrinkles, reduce sun damage, reduce spider veins, tighten skin, remove unwanted hair, and more!

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